Aliens or Angels

Are Angels Real?
Are Aliens Real?

Technically speaking Aliens are beings not of this world right? So in my opinion, when the thought of Aliens comes to mind I think of Angelic Beings or so named Angels. They too, wouldn’t be from this world. The government has covered up many historical facts from the people and if the “conspiracy theories” are right they wouldn’t tell us if they did know it was Angels. I mean look how long it took for them to come out about Aliens being real. All the evidence that they just released about aliens, the hidden documents, the footage, the eye witness accounts that they “shushed”. Why on EARTH would they admit knowing God was real or the Angelic Realm in this case.

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  1. I don’t see how you assume that angles have this connection to aliens and of God. Just because of information and things covered up by government authorities doesn’t merit your assumptions of the connections being so.

    1. Thats not at all my belief. I put out there what information gets me to thinking. I actually believe that yes the government and media calls what they don’t understand “Aliens.” Technically the term alien is anything foreign or not of this world. That could be anything. Of course the media isn’t going to announce Angels taught us anything or that a demon was sited…

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