They Control You

Do You Control Your Life
Idolize Rich & Famous
They Dictate Your Every Move

I’m lost when it comes to, who is actually in control of my life. I definitely believe God gave us free will to make our own choices. But ultimately, between the brainwashing, Hollywood icons, social level separations, stereotype oppressions, law and corruption, and different financial brackets; how much freedom of choice do we the people really have? Like cattle being herded in a direction that we have not knowing been forced in. People, in whole, forced into decisions off of the ideas of others’ solutions.

Who Are They
Worse is Yet To Come

2 responses to “They Control You”

  1. Cordarrel Caldwell Avatar
    Cordarrel Caldwell

    I believe in most thing were thought to believe, but honestly I feel as if I’ve been awaken. I no longer just go with the fool of things. I to believe you have to question everything. Looking forward to more content 😁🧩🔮.

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